NoLimits Coaster Calculator
Mac Version 1.5

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This looks and acts very much like the NL Coaster Calculator for Windows by Jennifer "Tia" Lynn. I made this version so that Mac users could have access to more of the "extra" tools that are available for Windows. Tia gets full credit for original idea and implementation. All I did was make a Mac version.

I'm sorry it does not dock with the No Limits editor window, I just can't warrant spending the extra time to make it do that. Perhaps in a future version I will make the window hover above all others for a similar effect.

For instructions on how to use the numbers the calculator generates, please see Tia's website. It works exactly the same in that respect.

There are two formulas in this version (1.5) which are not found in the windows version (at least at the time of this release).

The first is the Station Length formula. You just enter the number of cars in each train, and how many rows of seats are on each car. The formula tells you how long your station needs to be in order to have the correct number of queue gates. Note that they may not line up with the train. The number of gates will be correct, however.

The other formula is the Lim Length calculator. You enter the speed you want the coaster to have at the end of the launch and the force it imposes on the train (just as you did in the NoLimits editor) and the calculator tells you how long the Lim segment needs to be in order to reach that speed. As a bonus, it also tells you how long (in seconds) it takes to reach that speed with that force. Note that you can almost always get away with a shorter Lim, because the equation does not account for the length of the train. The actual minimum lim length is closer to the value it returns, minus the length of the train (which can vary greatly).

License - Absolutely Free. Distribute however you like. Source code available upon request. It's really not a big deal. Just a calculator (la de da!) with some physics and bezier curve equations - certainly nothing proprietary by any means.

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