Untracked (aka – “Al’s Ski Barn”) came to us in the spring of 2001. Their existing site, an online ski equipment store, had begun to show it’s age and could no longer keep up with sales.

InterFix quickly stepped up to the challenge by building a new site back-end which made working with their product database easier and more convenient for their staff. We made various aesthetic improvements to their site design to bring it up to today’s standards. We also moved all of their order processing online to a secure administration site which includes automated “click-and-mortar” credit card processing to make billing easier and more reliable. Also among the myriad of changes and improvements made to the site was the addition of a tool which allows products already available on their site to be quickly added to a popular online auction site.

The result? Sales doubled in the following season alone, the customer experience is vastly improved, the staff can respond more quickly and efficiently to orders, and most importantly, is more successful. The cost? A lot less than you would think.

We continue to work with on a daily basis.