There’s no job too big or too small. Here at InterFix, we do pretty much everything – and if there is something we don’t do, we know who does and can outsource parts of your job with no markup.

Web Development
We specialize in CGI and database driven sites. Be it an online store, a browser based customer management system, or anything in between – we can put it together. Our sites are constructed with the average person in mind so you don’t need a 300 page manual to get up and running.

Discount Web Hosting
We offer commerce ready, reliable VPS solutions starting at $24/month. Lower-cost shared hosting is also available. Tell us about your site and we’ll recommend a plan that is right for your needs.

LAN Installations
For businesses in the Maine and New Hampshire area, we offer on site network installation and expansions. We’ll come to your location, work with you to find out what kind of a setup would best help your business, and provide you with a firm estimate.

Everything else we do falls under the category of consulting. Whether you want to know why your server keeps going down or you just need a recommendation for a quality desktop computer for your business needs – we have the answers and the experience.